Our Gelato

The Uno Gelato experience is built on two key pillars — our people, and our ingredients. The greatest people in the world cannot make great gelato without great ingredients. Farm fresh, seasonal, locally grown, and organic are the hallmarks of our ingredients. Avalon Dairy, Krause Berry Farms and Vancouver Island Sea Salt are examples of the exquisite local suppliers we partner with to ensure the very best possible gelato outcomes. We are proud of these relationships and believe that they are a significant part of the experience that you expect from Uno Gelato.

The flavours we offer are bound only by the creative boundaries of our team, and the daily availability of the very best ingredients. Just because an ingredient is available doesn’t mean that it meets Uno Gelato standards. The daily menu is driven by the best ingredients available.

Farm to Cone


Our flavours change  with the season and the morning harvest, drop by or call us to see what we have today. And remember we ONLY make fresh and will sell out at times, but of course we are making a fresh batch in the morning.


Single scoop $6.50
Double scoop $8.50
Maestro Flavours + $0.75

500ML Pint $14.99

Flavours include

  • Salted Caramel

  • Mint Chocolate Chip

  • Very Cherry

  • New Fashioned Chocolate

  • Akbar Mashti

  • White Coffee

  • Matcha Made In Heaven

  • Roasted Black Sesame

  • Torrone

  • Lemon (vegan)

  • Midnight Chocolate (vegan)

Our Partners