Uno Gelato Opens at YVR

Vancouver farm-to-cone gelateria scoops 4th storefront in under 1 year

Uno Gelato, YVR Summer Solstice pre-launch tasting June 21, 2019

Uno Gelato, YVR Summer Solstice pre-launch tasting June 21, 2019

VANCOUVER BC, JUNE 25, 2019 – Uno Gelato is thrilled to announce the opening of its newest location at Vancouver International Airport on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. The opening follows closely on the heels of the successful opening at the Vancouver Convention Centre last month. The original Kitsilano location debuted in August 2018, followed shortly thereafter by the opening at Stamps Landing in False Creek. Uno Gelato makes gelato in the traditional Italian handcrafted method embracing a “farm-to-cone” philosophy utilizing the best natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. The company has partnered with Avalon Dairy in the Fraser Valley for its organic milk, Tesfa Farms in Langley for water buffalo milk, and Sweet Tree Ventures in Quesnel for BC birch syrup - a natural sweetener, to name a few of their regional producers.

“We’re delighted with the tremendous popularity of Uno Gelato’s farm-to-cone approach to handcrafted gelato. Its highly labour intensive given that we make every batch from scratch with no premixes. It’s this care and attention, combined with the very best local ingredients available that create the sublime melt in your mouth creaminess that everyone expects from Uno Gelato,” said Mike Raffan co-founder and Managing Partner of Uno Gelato. “As a BC owned and operated small business, we’re honoured to be chosen by YVR to be their first frozen treat commissary and excited to serve our ultra premium gelato to YVR’s family of employees and to their 26 million annual travelers.”

“We’re fortunate to have such an abundance of farms and artisan producers nearby to source the natural ingredients that go into every serving of our gelato,” said Andrés Bermudez, Maestro, Uno Gelato. “Each microbatch of gelato is handmade and is only 6 litres in size, which enables us to be very creative with our offerings. We are able try fun, new flavours as the seasons change, which means we always have something new and interesting for gelato enthusiasts to come back and try!”

Uno Gelato currently has up to 25 flavours, with seasonal selections such as Strawberry Fresca available as different fruit ripens locally. The company signed partnerships this spring with the Vancouver Aquarium for a unique Vanilla Kelp flavour, and with the Westin Bayshore for its most popular selections of Salted Caramel, Very Cherry, and Midnight Chocolate - a vegan option crafted with Guittard's black cocoa and 99% cocoa from Valhrona. Trained by a world champion gelato Maestro, Andrés Bermudez is the former Maestro at Bella Gelato in Vancouver and at La Gelateria Parmalat in Miami Beach.


At Uno Gelato you will experience the sublime flavours of true artisan, handcrafted gelato, created and produced by an amazingly talented team of local craftsmen and women. You won’t find bubblegum flavoured gelato, but you will find year-round favourites as well as seasonal creations using the very best natural ingredients available. From Vancouver Island Sea Salt to Avalon Dairy organic milk and the freshest local fruits and herbs, Uno Gelato is a sensory experience you won’t forget.
Uno Gelato...Simply Divine.

Media Contact:
Lori Pike-Raffan / 604-808-6655

Vancouver: Kitsilano - 2579 West Broadway • False Creek - 601 Stamps Landing • Vancouver Convention Centre - 1055 Canada Place Richmond: YVR Airport - International Terminal

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Burrard Landing Opening

Uno Gelato’s third permanent location has just opened up next to the Vancouver Convention Centre.


There are tres Uno Gelato’s! We are thrilled to announce the opening of our third gelato shop, located in the heart of downtown. This location is right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of busy Vancouverites, and is a prime spot for tourists.


Our three shops offer the same Uno Gelato experience, but each with a unique atmosphere that is specific to that location. There will be a selection of 12 flavours available and our hours of operation are 12 – 9PM.


See you all there!



1055 Canada Pl. #36

Vancouver, BC

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Home at The Westin Bayshore


One of Uno Gelato’s authentic Italian gelato carts has landed at The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver.

Uno Gelato is honored to be a resident at one of Vancouver’s most elegant and beloved hotels. Located in the lobby next to the T & Co coffee house, customers can now enjoy their gelato with a side of espresso.

The city, the ocean and the Stanley Park seawall are all only a few steps away. Grab a cup of gelato and head off on an adventure, or enjoy the clean and contemporary feel of The Westin Bayshore hotel lobby.

Just another way to experience Uno Gelato!

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Stamps Landing Reopening

Uno Gelato’s Stamps Landing location is back up and running for the season. Located at the side of the legendary Mahony & Sons (601 Stamps Landing), our customers can now enjoy gelato with a spectacular oceanfront view. This location offers a food truck style experience for customers, with the option of enjoying our complimentary outdoor deck seating.

There will be a selection of 12 flavours available at this location and we encourage our customers to sample any flavour before making a decision. We are looking forward to another season of great customers, neighbours and gelato!


Gelato will be served everyday from 12 – 9pm.

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Crazy for Cocoa

Uno Gelato attends the 9th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival in Vancouver with four simply divine flavours

The festival will take place from January 19, 2019 – February 14, 2019 and will feature some of Vancouver’s best gelato maestros, chocolatiers, ice cream makers, pastry shops, bakeries and cafes.

 Uno Gelato is bringing a whole new meaning to hot chocolate, or should we say hot chocolato. For this event, Uno Gelato will be offering 4 flavours for a limited time only. Each cup of hot chocolate will be served with a scoop of our decadent gelato.

From January 19th to February 1st, we will be offering the following flavours:

Black is the New Black

A blend of Black Cocoa, 99% cocoa and two others cocoas, a touch of organic Black Sesame Paste made in house served with Avalon Organic Milk.

Watch your Coconuts (Vegan)

RAW coconut water and in house made RAW Coconut milk with Michel Cluziel 85% chocolate and a touch of Rice Powder from Pakistan.


From February 2nd to February 14th, we will be offering the following flavours:

Brian Loves Linda

Using a blend of 4 different chocolate and a hint of local Milano’s La Future espresso shot, with a touch of Single Cast Whiskey

Squeeze your own Lemon (Vegan)

RAW coconut water and in house made RAW Coconut milk infused with Erin Ireland’s fab “To Die for Lemon Loaf” and a medium dark chocolate blend.

For more information on the event please visit

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Uno Gelato teams up with Mahony & Sons
Uno Gelato at Mahony & Sons.jpg

Premium Artisan Gelateria to provide a branded gelato dessert offering for iconic Mahony & Sons

Mahony & Sons customers will soon be able to complete their Shepherds Pie, or Fish & Chips dinners with a selection of tasty Uno Gelato offerings.

Six Uno Gelato flavours will be featured including Salted Caramel, New Fashioned Chocolate, White Coffee, Mint Chocolate Chip, Very Cherry and Lemon. Lots of variety means every Mahony customer can enjoy a Simply Divine Uno Gelato finish to their meal. Customers can also visit Mahony’s for dessert and a nightcap – the perfect finale for any evening out. 

All six flavours will also be available for Take Home in 500ML pint containers, ensuring that everyone gets to enjoy the world-class gelato. An offering of Uno Gelato will for sure deliver smiles the next time you visit friends. 

The Take Home pints are available for $14.99.

Uno Gelato will be available at Stamps Landing immediately, with Burrard Landing and UBC locations to follow within the next couple of weeks. Be sure to check out for up to date information and availability.

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