Uno Gelato

There is a place where Old World Artistry meets Urban Social — a place where old school tradition embraces contemporary culinary genius. Uno Gelato is a place where playful, unexpected epicurean adventures are consummated every day. Uno Gelato is a luxurious playground for the senses where all you need to bring (other than a BFF) is an unquenchable obsession to explore, celebrate...and return.

The Uno Gelato Experience

Maestro James Coleridge, one of the world’s most decorated gelato maestros and his talented gelato-making team are the creative force behind Uno Gelato, a new gelato experience opening in three amazing Vancouver locations.

Each location will offer up to a dozen original gelato offerings every day featuring fresh local, organic ingredients.

Experience Uno Gelato


People love to experience gelato in different ways, so we’ve tried to make The Uno Gelato Experience memorable for everyone. Take your time and taste the daily creations before deciding on what moves you today.